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Willy Willy Willy Willy

Willy is an incredibly unique POA pony that our children have really enjoyed having in our program. Kyler and Saylor have taught this pony everything you can think of. He is trained to curbside mount, lays down on command, is broke to drive, and tops it all off with being super broke! Willy was raised by some family friends and we are his second owner. Since we have owned him we have used him right along side the big horses. He goes along to the feed yard, the branding, shipping, sorting, you name it Willy has done it. He is quiet and gentle no matter if you saddle him when it’s cold at 4 in the morning and go gather a pasture or if the kids just catch him up out of the pasture and crawl on him bareback for a joy ride. This is a pony that’s sure-footed in the roughest terrain and will never get your kids in a bind. He is smart about his feet and only wants to please, I swear he has a heart of pure gold. Willy has also been hauled with us to some play days and Jr. Rodeos. While he is not patterned, he is very broke and willingly goes through all of the events Saylor wants to do on him! Willy has also been the pony we put Townes on to pony him along with us on long days at the Canadian River. He crosses water, down timber and rocky terrain like an old pro. Willy is a pony that will meet you at the gate every day of the week, and always enjoys being loved on by his kiddos. His personality is endless and you can just tell how much he loves his job. Willy is an exceptional pony to teach your child and boost their confidence for years to come. No matter how young, how much of a beginner, or how advanced your child is Willy will adapt accordingly and we believe that is such a rare thing in any horse or pony. Please reach out with any questions, we’d love to chat with you about our sweet Willy! Cheyenne McPahil (806) 282-7093, Levi Brozek (785) 531-2353


Lot #: 49
Barn Name or Nickname: Willy
Gender: gelding
Breed: POA
Color: Appaloosa
Height in Hands: 13 HH
Year Born: 2018
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered


Trainer Name: Saylor McPhail & Kyler Paige
Business Name: SKC Pony Collection
Trainer Email: cthorseco@gmail.com
Trainer Phone: (806)-282-7093
Horse Location: TX

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