Lot # 30

Western Tuxedo

Buckeye Acre Farm
Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux

We are very excited to be offering this incredible, uniquely bred horse, WESTERN TUXEDO for your consideration. Tux is a 2014 registered Azteca gelding that stands 15.2 hands. He is also registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Half Lusitano bloodlines. We are only his second owners and we feel he was well started and well trained from where he was brought up. He was lightly shown and did very well in Western Dressage earning high point for the day at one of the shows. He also competed and won in an extreme trail challenge against 38 other riders. He was also introduced and seemed to really enjoy the Garrocha pole as he does very well with it. When we took him into our program across the country from where he grew up out west, he settled in with ease. He has taken to everything new that we have thrown at him and loved it. He has been taken on lots of different trail rides through different terrain and he has been ridden by all different ages and levels of riders and he molds himself into the rider on his back. He will go through water, go over bridges, and does great on our busy roads. With three amazingly smooth gaits, you will smile from ear to ear sitting on his back. He will ride English or Western and moves beautifully off your seat and leg pressure. He will go slow and steady with a smooth jog, or you can easily ask him to extend out for an awesome extended trot. He has a smooth uphill canter and a fantastic lead change. Tux is a true gentleman of the group and he loves to gives hugs and kisses. He has been kept in a stall and out in the pasture with no bad habits anywhere. He will be the first to greet you at the gate when you call and he will be looking for you when you come to the barn. He is an eye catching color with his zebra stripes down his legs and on his withers that it makes you feel proud when you ride him. He is a horse that no matter how little or how much you work him, he will always be the same horse when you get him out. If you would to learn more about Tux, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call at 330-231-2324.


Lot #:30
Registered Name:Western Tuxedo
Barn Name or Nickname:Tux
Height in Hands:15.2
Date of Birth:04-15-14
Registration Status:OTHER


Western Tuxedo
Tedesco Interagro (Lusitano)


Dragao II


Muralha MIR


Fidalga II

Hollywood Golden Diva

Concord Music

Snipper Music

Cinder Gold Bar

Nuhollywood Debutant

MU Goldseeker

Miss Star Glo 5


Trainer Name:Duane Yoder
Business Name:Buckeye Acre Farm
Trainer Email:buckeyeacrefarm@gmail.com
Trainer Phone:(330)-231-2324
Horse Location:OH

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