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Soundness Exam and X-rays

Sale Exam & X-rays

Trainers are required to provide a sale exam including images. X-rays required consist of AP and Lateral radiographs of the navicular as well as Skyline Navicular views and oblique views of the hocks. Stallions selling as a breeding stallion are required to provide verification of fertility with a semen evaluation.

  • Buyers understand that if they want additional images of horses or a sale exam of their own, they will have those done ahead of sale time at buyers’ expense.
  • All horses selling at Premier Horse Sales are required to have a sale soundness exam done by a licensed veterinarian in order to sell.
  • Sale exams can be done as early as 6 months before sale day but no sooner and will be posted on our website at least 1 month prior to sale day if not sooner.
  • Some trainers will include extra x-rays as well but it’s not required. If buyers want more than the required sale exam & images, they are required to get it done before the sale at their expense. An onsite vet is provided at almost all sales to assist with requests the day before the sale.
  • X-rays are viewable on our website as early as 3 months before sale day up to sale day and then the system automatically deletes them when the gavel drops. We do not keep x-rays past sale day.
  • The deposit and inspection of X-rays, and access to the repository are subject to our Repository Terms & Conditions listed on our website. All buyers accept the Repository terms and conditions when accepting these terms and bidding at sale.
  • Each buyer is encouraged to instruct their registered veterinarian to inspect the X-rays for each Lot and physically inspect each Lot prior to the purchase thereof. As provided in the Standard Conditions of Sale contained in the Sales Catalogue and on our website, each Lot purchased is purchased, at the fall of the hammer, with all defects and deficiencies, latent and patent, subject to the exceptions set out in the said Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale or announced prior to the auction of a Lot. The Buyer acknowledges that it is his sole responsibility to determine the quality, accuracy and completeness of the sale exam and to obtain independent advice with respect thereto from a registered veterinarian.