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Seller Information and Terms

PREMIER HORSE SALES - Seller Information & Terms

Please read all information carefully as terms are changed & updated frequently.

Nominations are only open until sale is full. Horses scoring 25+ points or more will be eligible to sell.


Trainer Information, Fees & Terms

Consignment Fees are $750/horse – Consignment Fees are nonrefundable once horse is accepted. Non-refundable includes but is not limited to a vesicular stomatitis quarantine or country pandemic that would keep the sale from taking place or any act of God. If your horse is accepted, we will email you an invoice that will be payable within 48 hours to hold your sale spot. Registration papers and a signed transfer are required to be mailed to us within 48 hours as well to hold your spot.

Commission: All sellers will be charged 8% of the final accepted bid or $2,000 whichever is greater.

No Sale Fees: First time consignors or anyone that has only “no sold” with us at a prior sale will be charged 8% of the last bid or $2,000 whichever is greater. Past sellers will be charged $1000 for all no sales. However, Past sellers that submit late videos or late x-rays or exams will also be charged 8% of the last bid for no sales. All no sales will be charged $100/day late fee if not paid on sale day and before retrieving registration papers. All “no sales” are required to be announced in the ring.

Scoring Rubric (click to view): Follow the scoring sheet precisely, only scores of 25+ will be accepted. +3 “Superior” is what you should shoot for in each area plus bonus points. We will accept a variety of breeds & disciplines of horses and these will be taken into consideration when scoring. Please know: all photos, description, and information you submit during nomination will be directly printed in the catalog.

The scoring rubric has 9 scoring areas:

  • Pedigree – 3 points given if horse is registered in trainer/seller’s name and papers in possession and includes pedigree with LTE and money earners.
  • Age – 3 points given if horse is 4-10 years old.
  • Photos (True Professional Photos Only) – 3 points given if more than 2 confirmation photos and 2 or more action photos are provided.
  • Description – 3 points given if age and height is listed, 15 full sentences, pedigree and money earners listed, no grammar errors, and trainer name and contact listed in the description. Seller consents to list any cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the horse’s soundness (scars, chewed tail, cinch sores, bumps, etc.) in the description of the horse.
  • Conformation – 3 points for exceptional build and bone for breed
  • Disposition – 3 points for a #1 temperament (impeccable nature, character, makeup, and fits any and all riders) no vices. #4 temperaments or higher will not be accepted no matter their score in other areas.
  • Body Condition – 3 points for fleshy, fat, and sale ready.
  • Bonus Points – given to elegant mane & tail (which includes banding and special braids even button braids),  and uncommon marks and characteristics.
  • Negative Points – long coat, not shed, too short mane and/or tail, shaved brands/freshly branded.
  • Performance & Riding Ability (Video) – 3 minute minimum video provided by YouTube or Google Drive link. Horses that score a 4 or under on this will not be accepted no matter what they scored in other areas. 10 points available in this area for:
  1. Broke to ride – turn arounds, sliding stop, rollbacks, lead changes, backup, side pass
  2. Gentleness – tarp, flag, traffic, ball, parades, gunfire, whips, etc.
  3. Talents – ranch versatility, cow work, reining, ranch roping, roping, English, cutting, trail riding, barrel racing, driving, legacy, etc.
  4. Tricks – sit, nod, lie down, etc.

Registration Papers: When your horse is accepted, original registration papers and fully signed transfers are required to be mailed to the office within 48 hours in order to call the horse registered. Please make sure to send them “signature required” so you know we received them. Any horses that are not registered in seller’s name are required to get the papers transferred to seller. We will rush all papers that need transferred to AQHA and payment will be applied to your statement. We will do our best with other registries but, regardless of registry, we make no guarantee or promise. If the horse is not in your name by sale time then papers will be announced as pending.

Sifting Process at the sale Includes:

  • Round Pen Work – catch
  • Arena Work – saddle, pickup all 4-feet, bridle, and ride off with tight cinch (canter)
  • Abrasions, cuts, or sores may be sifted unless it is likely to heal normally without veterinarian treatment and cause no long-term threat.
  • Seller understands that if their horse doesn’t pass all stages of Premier Horse Sale’s sifting process or we notice something wrong with the horse before sale day, they will be pulled from the sale and consignment fee is forfeited. If we decide they’re out, they are OUT! Bring your BEST!

Preview: Seller agrees to have horse(s) in all events including but not limited to: sifting process, try before you buy preview, and sale. We have two previews: live demo preview and ranch trail preview. Be ready when it’s your turn. If your turn is missed, you will be moved to the bottom. If you are not there to preview at the end, your horse will be sifted from the sale. MM Auction Services is there to put on a quality horse sale and our buyers expect to be #1 on the list. If you can’t put this sale and our buyers #1 on the list, please don’t nominate a horse.

Required sale exam & x-rays: Stallions selling as a breeding stallion are required to provide verification of fertility with a written semen evaluation within the previous 8 months. All horses consigned to Premier are required to have a sale exam done by a licensed veterinarian in order to sell which consists of: a written veterinarian examination and x-rays. Sale exams & x-rays can be done as early as 6 months before sale day but no sooner. Once your horse qualifies for the sale, you will be required to email all x-rays and the vet exam to us to display with a link on the horses profile page for buyers to view. Sale exam should include but is not limited to: clean x-rays (Left & Right Fore Foot DP, Left & Right Fore Foot Lateral, Left & Right Skyline Navicular View, and oblique views of the hocks (LateralMedial & MedialLateral) plus any other x-rays deemed necessary by the veterinarian. Some sellers will include other x-ray views as well but this is not required. If a buyer wants more than the required sale exam & images provided by seller, buyer is required to get it done before the sale at buyer’s expense. Note: the system automatically deletes all x-rays and sale exams when the gavel drops. We do not keep x-rays past sale day. If buyers ask for the exam after the sale, we will refer them to the seller to get it. The deposit and inspection of X-rays, and access to the repository are subject to our Repository Terms & Conditions listed on our website which are agreed to when signing these terms. Each buyer is encouraged to instruct their registered veterinarian to inspect the X-rays for each Lot and physically inspect each Lot prior to the purchase thereof. As provided in the Standard Conditions of Sale contained in the Sales Catalog and on our website, each Lot purchased is purchased, at the fall of the hammer, with all defects and deficiencies, latent and patent, subject to the exceptions set out in the said Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale or announced prior to the auction of a Lot. Buyer acknowledges that it is his sole responsibility to determine the quality, accuracy and completeness of the Sale Exam & X-rays and to obtain independent advice with respect thereto from a registered veterinarian.

Required Sale Video: All horses that are accepted to a sale are required to have a final sale video submitted by deadline (date will be emailed) via YouTube link only. We suggest a minimum of 8 minutes. The sale team will keep you updated with information and deadlines by email once your horse is accepted. Horses that don’t submit a video by the deadline date will be charged a no sale fee of 8% of the last bid.

Paperwork on horses: All horses are required to have a coggins test current within six months of sale date & in owner’s name. All horses coming from a brand state are required to have a current or lifetime Brand Inspection. All out of state horses are required to have current Health Papers to enter sale premises.  Healths’ are required to state the following: the animals listed on the CVI have not originated from some premises or an area under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) or some premises on which vesicular stomatitis virus has been diagnosed in the last 30 days or are within 10 miles of such premises; and the animals in the shipment have no signs of vesicular stomatitis viral disease. Sales vary on required paperwork and we will keep you informed if your horse makes the sale.

Private Sales: Absolutely no private sales in the yards before or after the auction. All horses brought to the sale are required to go through our auction ring. Any horses “no sold” in the ring but sold outside are expected to report it to the office. We will leave it up to the integrity of the seller to make sure this happens so the seller will be welcome back to the sale.

Additional Fees: If a horse is pulled from the sale (scratched) there will be a pulled fee of 8% of our most recent sales overall average. Fees are required to be paid before retrieving registration & transfer papers. In order to waive the pulled fee and retrieve registration papers, seller is required to provide MM Auction Services with a vet release explaining why the horse cannot sell at sale along with a video (not just photos) of injury or sickness. All horses will be charged a $20 brand inspection fee by state law when sold (required states only). Seller will also be charged $20 for a new halter and lead rope to be given to the new owner at the time of sale. If seller “NO SALE’s” a horse, they are required to pick up registration papers and anything additional they may need. Failure to pick up paperwork at the office before leaving will result in a $50 assessed fee to ship everything and is required to be paid before shipping.  You will not receive your registration papers and other important documents until this fee is paid. Sellers willing to ship horses to buyers are required to pick up a “swag bag” and all proper paperwork from the office before departing. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fee assessed to the seller so we can ship necessary items to the new buyer. Payment will be deducted from your final statement. Any payments owed and not completed within 48 hours will be charged an additional $100/day late fee.

After the Sale: Buyers are NOT allowed to ride sale horses until they have a paid invoice from the office. Sellers are required to stay long enough to meet the buyers and answer any questions they may have. Following the sale, all sellers are required to feed & water sold horses. Out of courtesy to both the horse and the buyer, please leave a water bucket and full feeding of hay in your stall. MM Auction Services will check all sale horses later that night, feed again, & take over care.

Payment: Consignors/owners/agents/trainers understand that if MM Auction Services doesn’t get paid by the buyer for their sale horse(s) then MM Auction Services is not obligated to pay the consignor. All checks will be written within 5 days of sale date depending on the sale location and made payable to owner listed then mailed to the address you provide at nomination. We do not guarantee delivery when we ship checks using USPS. Please be patient when waiting for your check to arrive. Seller can request to have their check balance wired to them minus $100 cancel payment on check fee & $100 wire transfer fee. Seller’s final balance will be wired minus $200 total in fees then the seller is required to void the original check and mail back to MM Auction Services for our records, which are required by law.

Seller’s Guarantee: Seller consents to list any cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the horse’s soundness (scars, chewed tail, cinch sores, bumps, etc.) in the description of the horse. All horses selling have provided a sale exam and x-rays for buyer’s veterinarian(s) to view at least one month prior to sale day in order for the buyer to make their own judgements of whether to purchase the horse or not. Buyer & seller understand and agree that MM Auction Services is not responsible to perform any inspection or to independently confirm or verify the soundness of seller’s horse. Buyer & seller understand and agree that MM Auction Services, LLC is unaware of the condition of seller’s horse, and therefore is relying solely upon representations made by seller regarding the condition of the horse and that the horse is sound in order to advertise and market the stated condition of the seller’s horse before and during the sale. This soundness guarantee is between buyer and seller only and does not include any other persons, and seller agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless MM Auction Services, LLC, Premier Horse Sales, and Colby or Codi Gines, to and from any claims, liability or damages which may be asserted by Buyer of the horse on account of any breach of warranty, breach of promise or alleged misrepresentation. No soundness guarantees apply to or include any time period following the fall of the gavel, including transportation. Buyers are encouraged to purchase equine insurance to protect their investments. Shall any soundness disputes arise; Buyer is required to contact seller and settlement of the dispute shall be exclusively between the two of them. Soundness does not guarantee pass of an examination by any veterinarian or seller following the sale. Buyers are encouraged to ride and visit the horse before the sale giving them confidence they need to bid come sale day. If they want additional x-rays, buyer needs to have them completed before the sale at their own expense. Solely, the seller of each animal represents and warrants to the buyer, to Colby & Codi Gines, to Premier Horse Sales, and to MM Auction Services, LLC, to include but not limited to the following:

  • Title of the animal, free from all claims of ownership
  • Sound of limb, eyes, and wind
  • Not a cribber or wind sucker
  • Not cryptorchid
  • Not pregnant
  • Be exactly what they represent them to be.

By consigning to Premier Horse Sales, seller grants MM Auction Services, LLC, the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL the consignment subject to the above provisions and agrees to all terms and conditions. Premier Horse Sales does NOT allow substitutions or replacements once a horse has been consigned and entered online. Seller agrees to not privately sell the consigned horse. To withdraw your consigned horse from Premier, the horse must be injured or sick and seller must provide a veterinarian examination and submit injury/sick videos to waive the no sale/no show fee & retrieve registration papers.  If no veterinarian examination or injury/sick video(s) are submitted, Seller is responsible for all no sale fees.

Warranty: There is no implied warranty made by auctioneer or Sale Company as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any animal in the sale. The seller is the responsible party for all representations, warranties, and guarantees expressed or implied concerning the condition of any horse. The seller agrees to hold MM Auction Services, LLC, Colby & Codi Gines, & Premier Horse Sales harmless from all loss, cost and expense arising from illness, injury or death of such animal, or loss or damage to property, and injury or death of persons, caused by themselves, their agents, or employees, or by the animal, subsequent to the time of purchase.

Liability:  Buyers, sellers, and agents of either, and spectators are cautioned to exercise care while attending the sale and enter premises at their own risk according to the laws of the State in which the sale is held (Nevada, Texas, or Florida). Neither the owners nor any other persons connected with this sale assume any liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents to persons or property, before, during, or after the sale. Colby & Codi Gines, Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services, LLC, its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, and each and every landowner, municipal and/or government agency upon whose property this activity is conducted, shall not be liable for injuries sustained by anyone attending the Premier Horse Sales. MM Auction Services, LLC, & its associates act as AGENTS ONLY and are not responsible for buyer or seller error or misunderstanding. All guarantees are strictly between buyer and seller. All information distributed is provided by the seller and MM Auction Services, LLC, is not liable for any misprints or distribution and advertising of said information. All animals are sold “AS IS”. In further consideration of this consignment, I agree to indemnify and defend, Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services, LLC, Colby &/or Codi Gines, their agents and associates, from all injury, loss of equipment, loss of animal or damages to myself, my animals or damages or injury to others lien property from my animals, by entering this horse at this sale whether by negligence, breach of warranty, or any misrepresentation which is alleged to have been made about the soundness of any animal sold at the sale. If any claim or dispute is asserted or arises over the sale or consignment of any lot or animal sold at auction, it is agreed that venue for any dispute shall be resolved exclusively in the courts in the State of Wyoming, and that Wyoming law shall control this transaction or any claims or disputes which arise direct or indirectly out of this transaction in all respects. I verify that all photos submitted to Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services, LLC, have full permission to be used for advertising and are free and clear from all photography copyright laws. The undersigned by executing this instrument delivers said property to MM Auction Services, LLC, and declares themselves owner or legal agent/trainer and authorizes the sale thereof at public auction for his/her account according to its usual custom and represents the consignment is clear of all encumbrances unless listed above and may be legally sold. I verify that I have read the above information/terms & conditions in full and hereby agree to be bound by them.