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Salvador Salvador Salvador Salvador Salvador Salvador Salvador Salvador

You are going to want to stop and take notice here! Salvador is 7yrs old and 15.3 hands of kind, beautiful, and broke horse flesh! As if that isn’t enough, he is a tried and true Ranch horse! He’s worked for a living his entire life and it shines through! Salvador has the most perfect manners we’ve ever seen on any horse much less one his size! He’s extremely personable and respectful at the same time. Salvador will meet you at the gate of a 100 acre pasture if you turn him out! He is the steady Eddie that loves his job and loves his people. He’s roped and drug hundreds of calves to the fire, been used to doctor cattle outside, and has spent many mornings shipping fats at the feed yard. He will also watch a cow exceptionally well. Salvador doesn’t have to be used everyday either, you can stand this big hunk up on feed and not ride him for any amount of time and he will never get fresh! He’s always the exact same horse whether you ride him once a week or once a month! We have put every age and level of rider on Salvador’s back and he has never failed to take care of any of them! It doesn’t matter if you are 2yrs old or 70yrs old you will get along with and appreciate this great horse! Salvador rides like a 14 hand quarter horse, he’s got a big stop fun spins and lopes around with the cadence of your favorite Reiner! He’s the kind you don’t even need a saddle or bridle to ride! Crawl up the fence or swing on and go for a little joy ride! In my opinion this is a once in a lifetime kind of horse. Checking all the boxes doesn’t even cover it. He’s incredibly versatile, he’s been called on for every job known to man and has also delivered in style! He will turn heads everywhere he goes and be the most reliable ride money can buy. From the weekend trail rides, to the summer parades, to earning his oats on your families ranch he is simply the BEST! Please call Cheyenne at 8062827093 or Levi at 7855312353 with any questions! We would love for you to come test ride him prior to the sale! Salvador is by a Percheron stud and out of a quarter horse mare. He truly is the best of both worlds!


Lot #:18
Barn Name or Nickname:Salvador
Breed:Quarter Horse/ Percheron cross
Height in Hands:15.3
Year Born:2015
Registration Status:Grade, Not Registered


Trainer Name:Cheyenne Mcphail or Levi Brozek
Business Name:SKC Livestock
Trainer Email:cthorseco@gmail.com
Trainer Phone:(806)-282-7093
Horse Location:TX

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