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Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog Salty Dog

Salty Dog is a true blue roan 6 year old gelding that we raised ourselves. He is a perfect gentleman in every way. His sire, HANCOCKS BLUE BIRD, is notorious in the western states for producing fancy using horse with beautiful dispositions that the general public can enjoy. They are athletes with flawless conformation, great personalities, forgiving trainable minds, and color as a bonus! Salty Dog reminds us so much of his daddy we have to look twice daily. They even carry themselves the same and have a similar presence. He stands 15.2 and will weigh right close to 1300lbs. He was blessed with big sturdy bone and foot as well as no markings which gives him a solid dark foot on every corner. The type that holds up to a lifetime of hard use and stays sound! No matter where we go someone is stopping to comment on how stunning he is, ask how he is bred, and if he is for sale. So here is your chance! Our whole family has used Salty Dog on the forest association in which we operate. He is fancy broke and capable of accomplishing the task at hand for Dad, but he is kind and gentle enough for our 10 year old daughter to be safe for a big day of trailing cows in the rugged mountains of Idaho. This gelding is very sure footed and will get through the creeks, bogs, down timber, steep mountain side, rocks and brush with total confidence. He will go anywhere we ask, and will do it with a quiet confidence that makes your day in the mountains 100 percent enjoyable. We have used him to brand calves, doctor outside, sort pairs, and do all the basic ranch jobs. In the arena Salty Dog is a very smooth gaited, elegant mover. He will step out and travel with the best of them and can also lope off collected like a little western pleasure show horse. He has a big stop and works off his hind end like one should. He naturally uses himself well and wants to please. Catch him anywhere you find him. He is polite and respectful to handle on the ground whether you are shoeing, clipping, bathing, grooming, etc. He will load in any trailer and stand tied quietly when asked. Just an all around respectful gelding that is a pleasure to own. Salty Dog will fit the weekend trail rider perfectly. He has the confidence to lead the pack, and the patience to bring up the rear. He does not have to have a full time job to maintain a brain, and he has a wonderful work ethic that makes him enjoyable for the big days the mountains often bring. If you prefer the arena setting he is just as happy to lope a few circles, conquer a trail course, and spend the rest of the day being admired if that is what you choose. He is truly the special kind that could fit into many different settings and stand out as the best! We invite you to our home to meet Salty Dog and see that he is a good fit for you prior to the sale. For further info please contact Dan or Becky Miller at 208-221-1090.


Lot #:27
Registered Name:LazyJLSaltyDog
Barn Name or Nickname:Salty Dog
Color:Blue Roan
Height in Hands:15.2
Date of Birth:06/28/15
Registration Status:AQHA


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Trainer Name:Dan & Becky Miller
Business Name:Three Bar Quarter Horses
Trainer Email:millerhorses@q.com
Trainer Phone:(208)-221-1090
Horse Location:ID

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