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Ringo is a one of a kind Grey Welsh Pony! He stands 11.3H tall and is 8 yrs old. We have used Ringo for everything under the sun! He’s been a fun one for the kids to take to the branding and drag calves on. Saylor rides him to gather in the spring and she takes him to play days in the summer. We have rode him all over the Palo Duro Canyon and even had him on some overnight camping trips. Ringo is the pony your kids will grow up with. He’s forgiving and sensible enough for the tiniest beginners and broke enough for the bigger kids to have a ball on! Ringo lopes around slow and pretty broth ways. He will slide to a stop and has a good one handed turn around. Ringo is very soft and light in the face and sides making him super manageable for the littles! We have also ridden Ringo English and he looks extremely sharp all tacked up trotting around! Saylor’s favorite thing about Ringo is how smooth he is and that he will go absolutely anywhere she points him. He crosses water, down logs, and rides right by busy traffic, flags, tarps, and loud noises. Ringo stays sane and gentle under pressure he never gives us a single reason to worry. Saylor loves to wash Ringo and brush his pretty white mane and tail. He follows her wherever she leads him and stands like a solider for her to brush and braid his mane and tail. Aside from Ringo’s stellar manners, beautiful looks, and impeccable training, his other great quality is his mind and sweet demeanor. He likes his kiddos and craves their attention, while still behaving like a gentleman. When you go out in a field to catch him, he will meet you halfway & ready to please! This is a pony that has the hearts of our whole family and when you spend a few moments with him you are sure to see why. If you have any questions about Ringo or you would like to bring the family and come try him out, give us a call! Cheyenne at 806-282-7093 or Levi at 785-531-2353.


Lot #: 50
Barn Name or Nickname: Ringo
Gender: gelding
Breed: Welsh Pony
Color: Grey
Height in Hands: 11.3
Year Born: 2015
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered


Trainer Name: Saylor Mcphail & Kyler Paige
Business Name: SKC Pony Collection
Trainer Email: cthorseco@gmail.com
Trainer Phone: (806)-282-7093
Horse Location: TX

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