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Ensure you never miss out on the horse of your dreams! Take advantage of our Priority Bid option and place your bid before the live auction commences. This allows you to secure your position and increase the likelihood of acquiring the horse you desire. Don’t wait – place a Priority Bid to enhance your chances of success.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer – there is NO buyer’s premium for all winning Priority Bids! Priority bidding is for serious buyers only and those buyers willing to spend a minimum of our last sale average. Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Fill out our Priority Bidding Form.
  2. Upon completion, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Check your spam or junk folder for this email.
  3. Prior to sale day, all Priority Bidders will be contacted via phone for payment and banking information verification.
  4. Two payment options are available for Priority Bids: credit card or ACH.
  5. If you are the winning bidder, please be patient as our clerks check out onsite bidders first.
  6. Once onsite bidders are processed, our team will contact you via phone to settle your invoice.
  7. If we are unable to reach you within 2 hours of the sales end time, we will automatically charge the payment form on file.

This streamlined process ensures a smooth experience for winning Priority Bidders, and with no buyer’s premium, it’s an excellent opportunity to secure your desired horse with added convenience.

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