Online Bidding

ALL online bidders are required to be registered no later than noon the day before the sale.

Any bidders trying to register after this deadline, are not guaranteed to bid.

Online Bidding Information

All new bidders will create an account with our online bidding platform at PremierOnlineSales.com. During registration, you will be required to provide your bank name, bank contact number, and last 4 digits of an account number. We will verify your accounts with your bank then approve you to bid. Past registered bidders may put “on file” in all the bank info fields. We will check our files and verify you were qualified to bid with us prior to 2021. Anyone that has created an account on our new software as of January 2021, you are good to go. All you need to do is click on “current auctions”, find the auction you are looking for and click “enter auction”. Last step will be to click on “login/register to bid” beside any lot in that particular auction. Once you accept the terms & conditions of the sale, you will receive an email with your bidder number and copy of terms. Click on How it Works to get started or call with questions. We would love to help, just give us a call @ 877-725-3636 ext 103. There is a 1% online buyer’s fee as well as a 3% surcharge to pay with a credit or debit card (international 4%). Online bidders have two payment options only: credit/debit card or wire transfer. There is no fee for paying with an wire transfer. Make sure you plan accordingly and notify your bank of the charges. Please know that all new online bidders are required to be registered by noon the day before the sale or you will not be guaranteed to bid. If you are the winning bidder, please be patient while our clerks checkout all onsite bidders first. They will then contact you by phone to pay your invoice. At that time, you can provide payment type of credit card or wire transfer for payment. If we can not contact you within 2 hours of the sales end time. We will automatically charge the credit card on file. 

Absentee/Proxy Bidding

Internet bidding is a great option for buyers that won’t be around their computer on sale day or don’t have fast speed internet. When pre-bidding opens just days before the live sale, buyers can set their proxy bid (max bid) and the system will bid for them before the sale and during the live sale. Be careful – if you set a proxy bid on more than one horse, you may end up owning them all. Can you set a proxy bid before the sale starts and bid past that online during the live sale? Yes, you can set a proxy bid for the system to bid for you. When the bidding goes past your proxy, you can bid live online. Please know that just because you set a max bid, it doesn’t mean you will win the horse if it sells for that amount. All bids whether they are floor, phone, or online are placed to the auctioneer. The auctioneer decides which bids he can accept, one at a time. Be sure to set your absolute max so you are not disappointed when a floor bidder gets the horse for the same amount as your max bid.

IMPORTANT: If you are a registered bidder and click to bid at any point, you will be the current winning bidder. No matter whether your cat, dog, or 2 year old clicks the bid button, you will be winning the lot. Bids can not be retracted at any point. Keep your username and password in a safe spot so no one can login and bid for you. If your account clicks to bid and you are the highest bidder, you will win the lot and be required to pay within 2 hours of sale closing.

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