We welcome new sellers and encourage them to be part of Premier Horse Sales. Submission of nomination does not guarantee selection. Nominations scoring below 25 points will not be accepted. More than one horse may be nominated. Our Team will be using our scoring rubric to score the horses and determine if they are good to sell. Sellers will be notified by email if their horses are accepted or not. Once the sale is full, nominations will be closed.  Premier has no duty to announce when nominations are closed.

Ride the Wave Premier Horse Sale – Ocala, Florida (April Sale)
Required to be submitted December 1 until sale is full.

Best of Texas Premier Horse Sale – Fort Worth, Texas (August Sale)
Required to be submitted May 1 until sale is full.

Diamonds in the Desert Premier Horse Sale – Las Vegas, Nevada (December Sale)
Required to be submitted August 1 until sale is full.

WHOA! Please read before nominating a horse for any of our sales.
In order to nominate a horse, you are required to first register for an account at the bottom of this page or login to your existing account. Once you have registered with us, you are required to activate your account by clicking on the link that was emailed to you upon registering. If you don't click the link that was emailed to you, you will not receive a nomination confirmation when you submit a horse. Nominating is not an easy process and does take preparation and planning.

Promoting the equine industry, our youth, and future trainers by providing a place for them to showcase their hard work and sell their prize ponies. At the same time, making other little kids dreams come true by offering the best ponies available.
This is for kids 14 and under as of sale day. Ponies are to be submitted and graded the same way as all other nominations. If the pony is ridden and trained by someone 15 and older, they will be graded with all other sale entries. If the pony is ridden and trained by a 14 year old or younger, they may qualify for our TOP Premier Pony Trainee Session. All fees plus terms and conditions below will be applied.

Please call or email us if you have any questions.
MM Auction Services, LLC
(877) 725-3636

Premier Horse Sales wants to assure you and your horse are a great fit for our sale as well as our sale being a great fit for you and your horse.

MM Auction Services, LLC

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