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Jerrey Lee Louis “Dundee”

The Ride the Wave sale was excellent and my first auction. I saw many beautiful horses. I purchased Dundee from Turner Performance Horses. He has been a great addition to my herd. He is such a great horse that you can get him amped up to work a cow and then quickly come down and be so calm. I was at a cow clinic with him this past weekend and he was chilling by the side of the arena when some fence panels that were leaning against the arena crashed down very close to where he was standing. He never moved. I almost wondered if he heard it. Other horses and cows all side stepped and darted away but Dundee stood and never moved from where we had left him -he was only ground tied by the way. It is certainly a relief to know that the horses auctioned off at the sale were vetted and were exactly as they were represented. We are so happy to have Dundee with us. He’s got a great personality and I plan on continuing to nourish it and encourage his curiosity and playfulness. Thanks Chad and Paje and to Premier Horse Sales for helping me find my dream horse!