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I thought you would like this picture of Dun It Hangen on the Santa Anita Racetrack at sunrise. He is staying at the track with my friend and race trainer Kristin Mulhall for a month until my back heals and I can bring him up to Pebble Beach. So far he is taking in track life well, just like he does everything else. As Duane Yoder said, if you ask Dun It what he has done, he will answer “I Dun It”!

After riding and competing on jumpers for over 50 years, when I got bucked off a bad horse a couple months ago and injured badly, I really thought my riding days were over. I told Kristin for me to get back on she had to find me something amazing and I think we did just that!

Many thanks again for running a great auction that enabled us to get this super horse!