Home Coco


My husband and I live in a very congested, noisy, city type of environment and we keep our horses at home.  To get to our trails, we have to ride along a four lane highway and past several stores, coffee shops, etc….  The Turner’s were up to the challenge and when I inquired about Coco, they thought that although he is only 5, he would fit my wishlist.  When I tried Coco in Arizona, Chad was kind enough to haul him into Wickenburg so that I could “test ride” Coco down the city streets.  I am happy to say that we have had Coco home for four days and he has already been out on our trails twice.  He is the ultimate professional, and is taking all the noise and commotion in stride.  He seems to really be enjoying himself.  I can’t speak highly enough of both Chad and Paje and their program.  Performance and versatility are exactly what they are about! Many thanks for Coco!