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After losing my beloved cutting horse “Woody” in April of 2021, my husband suggested that we look for another cutting horse. I wanted to try another discipline of Extreme Mountain Trail, so the search began. I discovered Duane Yoder of BUCKEYE ACRE FARMS and realized that I wanted one of his horses. After choosing one of Duane’s horses at the 2021 Premier Sale, my husband drove to Vegas from Bakersfield and he purchased RANGER for me. I never felt that I could love another horse as deep as I loved “Woody”, but RANGER has been an amazing horse, willing and trusting. We have competed in several Trail Trials riding in 3-7 miles of trails encountering manmade or natural judged obstacles. Honestly, there is no better horse than a DUANE YODER & BUCKEYE ACRE FARM trained horse. Ranger is proof of that!