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Billy (Diggin Moonshine)

One year ago today Billy joined the family! 🖤🐴✨ I knew at the time that it felt right, but never could have imagined what an extraordinary impact he would have in my life!

A few things to share reflecting on this day one year later…

Kevin, MaryBeth, and the entire Diamond K family, thank you for raising this incredible boy and for continuing to stay involved and supportive of our journey. You are talented, honest, and a gift to all who know you.

Billy, you exude happiness. I cherish every minute I get to spend with you. You reunited me with my childhood besties and introduced me to an amazing community of people in this new western world. I can’t believe how much we have had the opportunity to experience and learn together this year – from stepping into the show pen to working cows! You warmly greet and embrace all of my friends. You reignited my spirit and have made me better at work. You were an important shoulder to lean on in the months after saying goodbye to Buck. You brought me back home. You are my best friend and I’m thankful for you everyday!

Premier Horse Sales Team, you made the purchase experience seamless (and way too fast and exciting)! I have loved getting to attend your events over the last year and getting to know you all! Especially you “Ty, the man on the phone”!!!

There are some moments in life you never forget, this day will be one of them! #thankful #trailhorse #digginmoonshine #buckgotapony