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Hi! I Just wanted to give you an update on sweet Atti. She is doing amazingly well and we are so in love with her! She is seriously as sweet as a kitten. She has been in full training since we bought her, with Samantha Walker Performance Horses at Chaparosa Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sam has an excellent kid’s program, is the president of the Arizona Pony of the Americas club, and hosts shows at the ranch. Atti hasn’t shown yet, but she’s getting ready.
When Atti first came, she was a bit fidgety and unsure of what her job was. When I was looking at Atti in Vegas, I asked Amy what she would change about Atti if she could.. she said she’d want her to improve on her showmanship skills because she doesn’t like to stand still. Well, I can report that Atti stands quietly in the crossties now, and she is coming along very well in showmanship too! She still likes to be very ‘in your pocket’ but she has learned about personal space and knows when to stand quietly. She is so super mellow and kind, just the sweetest pony. Nothing shakes her- not even when we did jousting with pool noodles at the kid’s last Pony Play Day. Waving those noodles around and jousting didn’t bother her a bit. She is definitely a barn favorite. She has many years to grow with our family, as our youngest daughter is a tiny 5-year-old. Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful pony, and it’s nice that she’s drop-dead gorgeous too.