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Lot # 24

Mr Moores Young Gun

Amye Donaldson
Musket Musket Musket Musket Musket Musket

The most wonderful gifts in life come in small packages! Musket is no exception! His mother is an own daughter of the great HESA PEPTOSPOONFUL, whose offspring have earned over $3,056,366. Musket also has the great horse, YOUNG GUN on his papers— LTE $34,749. The legendary MR JONES SONG, AQHA Champion and AQHA Performance Champion— also on his papers. Musket stands 14 hands and comes with a heart of gold and personality plus. He absolutely loves his humans and will come across the pasture just to say howdy and mooch a little attention! Musket is an adorable little jack of all trades! Ranch Riding? Absolutely! Musket has a flat kneed, fancy way of moving. Ranch trail & ranch reining would also be good choices to enter and compete on with Musket. Trail Riding? He is fearless! If all you want to do is saddle up and ride with your friends for the social time— Musket will keep an eye on the trail and keep you safe while you visit. If you prefer to ride out alone, Musket will go away from the barn and all the way back again, at the same speed! He is content to go adventuring with his human. No other horses required. Musket would be a great choice as a drill team horse — he is comfortable carrying a flag and is easy to steer. Or if your interest is cattle — Musket is 10 foot tall and bulletproof! He is an authority figure- gathering, sorting and doctoring. If you want to try a little boxing—he will make you look good doing it and build your confidence, too. He is simply right at home around cattle. He would also be a handy-dandy breakaway horse and is nicely started on the heel side. Besides being a little buckskin slice of eye candy, Musket is a bit of a trick pony – lying down and sitting pretty! He is a hambone at heart! He also does the easy things well: Catching, grooming, leading, loading, hauling, shoeing, tying, mounting – You name it! Musket keeps it easy for you! If you want to ride a safe, fun, push button little gelding that likes to do what you want to do— Musket is your dream come true! Not to mention, there’s nothing better than riding the best looking horse in the herd!  Musket is sound in every way and ready to go right now! Down the trail or entering you favorite ranch horse show— Musket keeps the simple things simple and looks adorable doing it all! Call Amye with questions @ 308-380-2244

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Lot #: 24
Registered Name: Mr Moores Young Gun
Barn Name or Nickname: Musket
Gender: gelding
Breed: AQHA
Color: Buckskin
Height in Hands: 14
Year Born: 2019
Registration Status: AQHA


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Trainer Name: Amye Donaldson
Business Name:
Trainer Email: amye.longhornarena@yahoo.com
Trainer Phone: (308)-380-2244
Horse Location: MO

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