Lot # 21

TC Weedo Need No Luck

Mahoney Mules And Horses
Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky

Who comes to Vegas and doesn’t want to get Lucky? Here’s your chance! Lucky is the coolest looking and best riding POA we’ve ever seen! Already a National Color Class Halter Champion himself, Lucky is by multiple POA Congress and World Champion sire TC Impulsive Weedo. His mothers pedigree goes back to AQHA World Champion producer The Invester. Lucky is a 5 year old stout made 14h gelding that can carry any size rider all day long. He has Hollywood good looks, is well trained, a big personality and just a lot of fun. Lucky rides great. He has plenty of handle and control for any type riding you want to do. On the trail he is confident out by himself and gets along well in a group, he is fine with dogs too. He walks right in the creek and is surefooted going across slippery rocks. Lucky likes splashing in deeper areas and sticks his tongue out to catch the water, he’s got personality! When you go up steep hills he doesn’t get in a rush, and knows how to navigate through rough tight areas. He’s like a mountain goat going down, very steady and safe. We’ve ridden in lots of different terrain from forests of the Midwest to the mountains of Montana. He has a heart the size of Texas. He brave and confident with no quit in him on a long ride. You definitely notice him in the arena! Drawn in by his amazing color, watching him move with his smooth collected lope , beautiful trot and excellent ranch trot. Looking from a distance you’d think he was a big horse. Just a little squeeze and your in that nice trot that he extends beautifully and his lope is natural with lots of cadence. He does it all with a loose rein. He has a nice turn around, good rollbacks, and will stop and stand just using your seat. With his training and endless ability we think he would be competitive in any class from RanchRiding, Pleasure and Halter, or any others you would want to try. On the ranch Lucky has been around lots of animals and wildlife, including deer, cows, dogs, and sheep and is unfazed by any of them. He’s a good one to ride if you need to check fence, as he stands quietly and is easy to get off and on. Lucky is solid going over all the trail obstacles. He’s unbothered by tarps, flags, machinery, atv’s, bikes, bull whips, traffic and the many other things we use to desensitize our animals with. We’ve even ridden him bareback and bridless many times. He’s easy to catch and gets along fine in the pasture with others. He stands perfectly to saddle and mount and waits for your cue to walk off. He’ll easily move over to a step, stump or anything if you need a little extra help getting on.  No doubt about it Lucky is phenomenal! He has the look of a Champion and all the ability and confirmation to back it up. He’s safe, sane with no vices. A sure bet if you want to guarantee yourself to be Lucky in Vegas! FMI Bryan 406-839-4224


Lot #: 21
Registered Name: TC Weedo Need No Luck
Barn Name or Nickname: Lucky
Gender: gelding
Breed: POA
Color: Bay Leopard
Height in Hands: 14
Year Born: 2017
Registration Status: POA


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Trainer Name: Bryan Mahoney
Business Name: Mahoney Mules And Horses
Trainer Email: mahoneymuleco@aol.com
Trainer Phone: (406)-839-4224
Horse Location: AZ

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