Lot # 33

Dagger Haggard

Dunes Horsemanship
Jello Jello Jello Jello Jello Jello Jello Jello Jello

DAGGER HAGGARD or as we know him, Jello, is a 10 year old APHA registered gelding standing 15 hands tall and equally that wide! He is a tall drink of water and he knows it! Jello is the first horse to meet you at the gate every morning and evening and is eager for some loving! He has a hip for days, bone most folks dream of, and just enough chrome to give him a classy touch. Top all that off with his puppy dog personality, big doe eyes, and he’s sure to melt your heart. Jello found his way to us through a very tragic circumstance. He belonged to my best friends dad, Harley, who unfortunately took his own life in 2021. Harley had a way with horses unlike any other. He was quiet handed, meticulous, and truly had a gift with a horse. A gift we are now wanting to share with the world through his final horse. Jello is a product of Harley’s time and dedication to the horse and what they mean in our lives. They are a true partner, a shoulder to lean on, and a breath of fresh air to a heavy heart. We hope that we can honor Harley with one last ride on an incredible gelding. We will be donating 10% of Jello’s final bid to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in hopes that they may continue to help those who need them most. That they may have a different outcome and get the help they need. If even one person is moved to reach out and take a hand for help through Jello raising a little awareness, then our efforts are headed in the right direction and we are beyond thankful for Premier Horse Sales platform in helping us as well. This gelding really needs no introduction, but I will try and do him justice! He is the quietest and most gentle gelding we have ever owned. I would not hesitate for a moment to trust him with your most precious cargo, be they two or ninety two. Jello has drug more calves to the fire than you could count on ten hands and does it in style. If ranch life isn’t your thing, that’s ok! He is just as easy to ride in the arena or down the trails. He will cross water, maneuver over downed trees, head steers in the arena, or just take you for a sunset ride with your thoughts. He is truly the horse that your soul needs. Jello has seen everything there is to see and is in the prime of his life, ready for a million more memories. Offering Jello to the public is a decision we definitely did not take lightly. We are letting go of something irreplaceable. But we feel the impact he could have on even one life, is all we need to make it worthwhile in letting him leave our lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to support a great foundation through offering an outstanding gelding with a fantastic sale company. We look forward to having you come out and take Jello for a spin with us! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have Tess Chytka 308-262-5020 or Bridger Chytka 308-760-8090.


Lot #: 33
Registered Name: Dagger Haggard
Barn Name or Nickname: Jello
Gender: gelding
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Sorrel
Height in Hands: 15
Year Born: 2012
Registration Status: APHA


Dagger Haggard
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Trainer Name: Bridger and Tess Chytka
Business Name: Dunes Horsemanship
Trainer Email: chytkaquarters@gmail.com
Trainer Phone: (308)-262-5020
Horse Location: NE

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