Lot # 48

JBar Twenty Bucks

Three Bar Quarter Horses
J Bar J Bar J Bar J Bar J Bar J Bar J Bar J Bar

“JBar” has been my personal horse the last several years and is reliable and safe in EVERY way! He stands 16 hands, will weigh 1400# and is gorgeous. He wears a #2 shoe, has heavy bone, and a flawless foundation under him. 11 years old and has had a full-time job most of his mature life creating years of invaluable experience that makes him the super star he is today. “Wet saddle pads and long days make good horses”! Many of the ancestors in JBar’s lineage are known for producing levelheaded ranch horses that hold up to hard use and the western lifestyle. Leo Hancock Hayes is a producer of many money earners in the rodeo arena. They make high caliber rope horses, and some have gone on to show in ranch versatility classes as well as team penning/sorting, mounted shooting, and trail. Our whole family has used JBar extensively on our ranch. I trust him 110 percent with my kids, my inexperienced friends, or my 82-year-old dad. No matter what we ask, he willingly tries his best and always keeps us SAFE! Time off doesn’t bother him in the least. JBar is most at home in the mountains. He is an outstanding traveler with a comfortable ground covering walk, and is a very sure footed, confident partner. Down timber, steep shale rock hill sides, brush, boulders, bogs, and rivers are all normal terrain to JBar. He never gets worked up when you get him in a tight spot, he just stays quiet and picks his way through it all. He is a true bridle horse that will ride in ANYTHING. Yields to leg pressure and is soft in the face and ribs. We have ridden him bareback swimming in the ponds, used him at town in the ranch rodeos, and even in a few parades. He has branded a zillion calves, ponied race colts, and even packed salt. JBar has truly seen and done about everything we ever dream of doing a horseback! He is very polite to shoe, bath, hobble, load, etc. Overall respectful horse that is eager to please. He is the special kind that has become part of our family. We invite you to come meet him in person prior to the sale to see if he is a good fit for your family! Text or call Dan or Becky Miller 208-221-1090


Lot #: 48
Registered Name: JBar Twenty Bucks
Barn Name or Nickname: J Bar
Gender: gelding
Breed: AQHA
Color: Bay Roan
Height in Hands: 16 hands
Year Born: 2011
Registration Status: AQHA


JBar Twenty Bucks
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Trainer Name: Dan and Becky Miller
Business Name: Three Bar Quarter Horses
Trainer Email: millerhorses@q.com
Trainer Phone: (208)-221-1090
Horse Location: ID

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