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Premier Horse Sales commences the nomination period on December 1 for our upcoming Florida Sale. Eligible horses meeting our rigorous standards will be showcased on this platform by no later than January 15th, ensuring transparency and timely access for potential buyers. Our commitment to excellence necessitates the inclusion of high-quality horses and trainers, with submissions limited to videos, pictures, and horses of superior pedigree. The thorough evaluation process employs our Nomination Rubric, supplemented by a sale exam, images, and an additional sifting at the sale venue. Only the highest-scoring horses earn the privilege to be presented for sale.

Our meticulous sifting procedures extend from the nomination phase to the sale, ensuring that only the most outstanding offerings, denoted as “PREMIER,” are available for buyers. Simultaneously, this process maintains a platform conducive to high-quality sales opportunities for trainers. For a comprehensive understanding of our procedures and terms, we encourage prospective buyers to review the full details on the Buyers Information page. Your satisfaction and confidence in the selection process are of utmost importance to us.


The Premier Pony Trainee Session is conveniently located at the end. Be sure to scroll through all the PREMIER horses. We hope you enjoy the comprehensive selection!


Promoting the equine industry is our passion, and we are dedicated to supporting our youth and future trainers. We provide a platform for them to showcase their hard work and offer their prize ponies for sale. Simultaneously, we take pride in making dreams come true for other young enthusiasts by presenting the finest ponies available. It's our commitment to fostering the growth of the equine community and creating opportunities for both sellers and aspiring riders. Join us in this endeavor to celebrate the bond between our youth, trainers, and the incredible world of ponies.