Lot # 66


Dunes Horsemanship
Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis

Do you want to bring home the horse of a lifetime AND help support an amazing foundation? Then we have just the gelding for you! We will be donating 10% of Elvis’ final bid to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this December and you can help make it possible! We have been hiding this gem away for quite some time now, keeping him all to ourselves, and for good reason! Check him out! We call this hunk of horse, Elvis and he is a grade 7 year old buckskin gelding and we are absolutely smitten with him! He stands 14.3 and is built just how we like them, THICK and HANDSOME! He has two stunning blue eyes, a mane and tail for DAYS, and his color is the perfect bow to tie up his equine perfection. Elvis is just as easy on the eyes as he is gentle and safe for the entire family. If you want a horse you can grab off pasture, brush the snow off his back and lope out through the drifts, he is your guy! January or June, he is the same safe, sound, and reliable gelding that everyone is after. He has all the chrome and fancy to dazzle everywhere he goes! We have struggled with offering him because he will be impossible to replace, but we are proud to offer him to his forever home through this fantastic sale! We have used Elvis to rope and doctor yearlings and he puts you right where you need to be and gives you the perfect shot each time. In the arena, he been roping slow steers and is really getting the hang of things! He would make a phenomenal starter horse for a youth or beginner roper. Elvis has sorted pairs and penned back in the spring, drug hundreds of calves to the fire at branding time, and is quiet and easy to ride through the heavy bred cows at calving. He will cross water, rides through traffic, will ride with our without a bridle, and can gather and lope circles in a war bridle. Elvis will leave the barn with his head low and the reins swaying, ready to hit the hills. He will ride off on his own or keep pace in a group and is one of the best ranch and trail horses we have ever swung a leg over! He is soft in the bridle, has a big stop, a collected turnaround, and lopes a nice cute, correct, circle. He has packed kids through every 4H event, has gobs of purple ribbons from his efforts taking care of his kids in the arena, and is ready to build the confidence in the next set of littles wanting to dive head first into the horse world. Whether you need a confidence boost for your little ones, or are looking for that perfect partner to keep you safe, Elvis can do it all for you and your family! We could not be more proud to offer this outstanding gelding and we welcome any and all who would like to come visit Elvis! Please feel free to give us a call to chat about our favorite gelding! See you in December! Tess Chytka 308-262-5020 or Bridger Chytka 308-760-8090.


Lot #:66
Barn Name or Nickname:Elvis
Breed:Quarter Horse
Height in Hands:14.3
Year Born:2014
Registration Status:Grade, Not Registered


Trainer Name:Bridger & Tess Chytka
Business Name:Dunes Horsemanship
Trainer Email:chytkaquarters@gmail.com
Trainer Phone:(308)-262-5020
Horse Location:Nebraska

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