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Dolly Dolly Dolly Dolly

An absolutely stunning dapple palomino that can do it all! Affectionately known as Dolly, she’s 5 yrs old standing 14.3 she’s well built, good boned, big hip, with a pretty head and neck. A foundation bred Quarter Horse that will do anything you want to do horseback; reining, ranching, trail riding, arena, parades or anything else you desire. Dolly is always ready, willing and able. She is well trained in the arena with fancy spins, excellent lead changes, crisp roll backs and really puts her butt in the ground when you say whoa. She is light and responsive in the bridle and you rarely need to use more than just your seat or legs as cues. Dolly has a smooth graceful collected lope, a nice western pleasure jog and an excellent ranch riding trot. She stays gentle, and trustworthy for the whole family. Everything is so natural and easy for her that it is extra fun for her rider. She steps right up into her leads with just a squeeze and smooch and the minute you say “whoa” stops and stands like a statue. Dolly is simple to ride with an excellent neck rein, backs and side passes effortlessly. She would make a fun horse to go show in the ranch riding, ranch trail events, western dressage and compete for all arounds. Her showy presence, with her snow white mane and tail will definitely get you noticed in the show pen. If you love trail riding Dolly is the best. She’s like a mountain goat going up, over, and through whatever you point her at. In a group or by yourself she is confident , low key and safe. She also likes splashing through a creek and having a long drink. She can safely take you up and down the steepest, rockiest places you can find. No matter where you go you’ll return home happy, relaxed and refreshed. If you need a little help mounting she will move over to a stump on the trail or a mounting block at the trailer. If you want to catch her out in a pasture she will follow you or you can hop on bareback with your halter to get where you’re going. Around the ranch she is excellent with cattle, she’s been worked on the flag , and even done some sorting. Happy to ride out checking fence, and is handy enough to do a days work . She is super around our dogs and they even love getting to take a ride on her. She loads and hauls great. You can throw a rope off her and drag logs, crack a bullwhip, bounce a ball, and she’s good with tarps, flags, bikes, traffic and much more.  She’s even ridden in a parade bridless. Dolly is a real confidence builder and a terrific horse for all levels of riders. Dolly is multi talented, friendly and easygoing. Dolly is sired by World Champion Taris Judge, a grandson of NCHA foundation sire Doc Bar.  She’s out of Pines Pocita who traces back to NRHA Hall of Fame sire, Great Pine. Millions of dollars have been won by the offspring on her pedigree. Everyone in our family has enjoyed Dolly and we are proud to offer such a kind, talented, fun horse at The Premier Diamonds In The Desert Vegas Sale.  FMI Bryan 406-839-4224.


Lot #: 59
Registered Name: Complicit
Barn Name or Nickname: Dolly
Gender: mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: palomino
Height in Hands: 14.3
Year Born: 2017
Registration Status: AQHA


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Doc Bar

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Trainer Name: Bryan Mahoney
Business Name: Mahoney Mules And Horses
Trainer Email: mahoneymuleco@aol.com
Trainer Phone: (406)-839-4224
Horse Location: AZ

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