Lot # 6

Cee Kay Golden Diam

Diamond K
Dime Dime Dime Dime

Check this guy out! Here is a safe, solid, tried and true, Palomino Gelding! Meet Dime, a 2014 AQHA gelding standing at 15 H and weighing 1150 lbs. Dime is a very safe family type of horse that will fit anyone. He is very well trained, extremely quiet and safe. He is the kind of horse you pull out once a week, throw your saddle on, hop on, and go for a fun ride around your ranch! You don’t have to worry about lunging him or worry about him getting fresh, bucking, or being goofy. He’s seasoned and trained and will stay that way. Dime is safe for any level of rider. He is smooth and easy to ride, neck reins and side passes with ease. He is always willing and a pleasure to be around. He has been used on the ranch and knows what a days work is. From opening and closing gates to crossing creeks and mud to pushing cattle and doctoring cattle to checking fence and being a fun horse to ride all day long. Dime has been there – done that when it comes to working a job on the ranch or just riding around on the trails with your friends! Dime is good to load in the trailer, is safe in new places and comfortable in unfamiliar environments. He gets along good with other horses as well. He is good to shoe, clip, bathe, etc.  Along with his working experience, he is a fun horse to rope off of in the team roping. He’s very well stared for a good jackpot rodeo kind of guy. Dime is foundation bred with BARON LEFT and MR BARON RED on the top and CEE KAY DIAMON EYE and TWO EYED RED BUCK on the bottom side . If your looking for a beautiful palomino gelding that is a solid, safe, and that all around kind of  horse – Check out Dime! Call us with any further questions @ 330-231-2311.


Lot #: 6
Registered Name: Cee Kay Golden Diam
Barn Name or Nickname: Dime
Gender: gelding
Breed: AQHA
Color: Palomino
Height in Hands: 15
Year Born: 2014
Registration Status: AQHA


Cee Kay Golden Diam
Baron left

Mr baron red

Red Baron bell

Two eyed patti

Jo left

Watch joe jack

Pats last

Cee Kay DIAMON eyed

Two eyed red buck

Mr baron bell

Ima tyree

Tender DIAMON Katie

Easter son

DIAMON poco tender


Trainer Name: Kevin Raber
Business Name: Diamond K
Trainer Email: diamondkhorsemanship@yahoo.com
Trainer Phone: (330)-231-2311
Horse Location: OH

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