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1st Sifting Process prior to the Sale

  • – Horses are nominated months in advance then scored by our team using our rubric.
  • Nomination Rubric (Click to View) – the higher the trainer & their horse score, the better their chances are of selling at our sale. Quality over quantity!
  • 12 scoring areas: Trainer Status, Ownership, Loyalty, Pedigree, Age, Photos, Description, Conformation, Disposition, Body Condition, Bonus Points, & Performance/Riding Ability.
  • Our job is to ensure each horse is a good fit for our sale and buyers as well as our sale is a good fit for all horses and trainers alike.

2nd Sifting Process at the Sale

  • Arena work – Catch, saddle, all 4-feet easily picked up, bridle, ride off with tight cinch no problem and lope away.
  • Minor abrasions, cuts, or sores may be sifted unless it is likely to heal normally without veterinarian treatment and cause no long-term threat.
  • Trainer understands that if their horse doesn’t pass all stages of Premier Horse Sale’s sifting process, they will be pulled from the sale and consignment fee is forfeited.

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