Welcome to MM Auction Services, LLC, a venture owned and operated by Colby and Codi Gines, high school rodeo sweethearts hailing from Powell, Wyoming. Their passion for producing high-quality sales is evident, with over 30 years of combined experience, complemented by Codi’s upbringing in a family dedicated to auction production. The driving force behind their success is the exceptional MM Auction Services’ Crew.

Colby and Codi Gines uphold a commitment to excellence in every aspect of horse sale production. While their company is sought after for individual services in multiple auctions throughout the year, the true synergy unfolds when they organize their own events. Both Colby and Codi have a rich history in the equine world, growing up horseback and participating in various rodeo associations, team roping championships, and professional rodeo events. Their upbringing in the mountains, engaging in hunting and fishing, led them to become fourth-generation outfitters in the most remote wilderness in the lower 48 states. The love for all things equine was cultivated through rodeoing and outfitting.

Outside the auction and rodeo arena, the Gines family finds solace in the mountains of Wyoming, considering riding in the mountains as a therapeutic activity. They cherish family time with their two young cowboys, Caden and Casen Gines, who have achieved success in rodeo as well.

Colby and Codi express their profound connection to horses and mules and leverage their extensive knowledge to orchestrate outstanding auctions. Their commitment to running auctions where both trainers and buyers can place their trust is unwavering. They extend a warm invitation for you to join them at Premier Horse Sales, where the finest selection of performance horses and disciplines awaits, allowing you to choose your next PREMIER partner with confidence.

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