Diamonds in the Desert Premier Horse Sale ~ Reno


Only the TOP scoring nominations sell at sale!

Where quality, class, and distinction meet, Reno!

Premier Horse Sales offers another option for exclusive horses.

Buyers will prevail at the sale so rest assured to Buy with Confidence!!

Reno Rodeo

MM Auction Services, LLC would like to welcome you to our Inaugural Diamonds in the Desert Premier Horse Sale in conjunction with Reno Rodeo. We look forward to bringing some of the most PREMIER horses and consignors to Reno, Nevada for buyers to pick from. Our mission is to bring the BEST of all performance horse disciplines to one location, making it easier for everyone to find their next high quality partner.

All horses are nominated during the month of February then scored by our committee using our rubric. Only the TOP horses will sell at sale. That’s the first sifting process! The 2nd sifting process is when they show up in Reno. All horses are required to check-in with a pre-purchase exam completed within 30 days of sale day. Then our crew will thoroughly sift all horses during our sifting process. If they pass, they sell at sale! We expect you as the buyer to do your homework and call consignors in advance. Please ask consignors lots of questions, go to their homes and ride the horses, be at the Reno Livestock Events Center both days to thoroughly watch the horses, and pick the ones that best fit you.


Meet us in Reno, Nevada for another PREMIER Horse Sale as we bring the very best horses of all disciplines available on the market to your fingertips. Premier Horse Sales and MM Auction Services bring auctions to another level in-order to gain trust and reassure both consignors and buyers. Through our process of nominations and sifting, you will be able to Buy with Confidence!

Presented by:
MM Auction Services, LLC
Colby & Codi Gines

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