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Abe Abe Abe Abe

Honest Abe is a five year old, dark gold dappled palomino.  He is a Belgian/Quarter Horse Cross that stands exactly 16 hands.  Abe is stout, correct and blemish free. His snow white mane will be the first thing you see — but when you get to know him, it’s his humongous heart that really makes him special!  Abe spent his first years with Amish and is willing and ready for anything you ask of him.  In our family filled lesson barn, he has become the well loved mascot!  Abe has a slow, rolling jog trot that is easy to sit, his extended trot is just as steady and lets his rider find an easy rhythm to sit or post.  Then, just a squeeze of the leg and a smooch — and Abe lopes off with ease!  He isn’t in a rush but he will stay in gear for as long as you wish to lope.  He is a confidence builder.  Riding lesson kids and beginning adults alike, just LOVE to ride him!  He moves off of your leg and listens closely to voice cues, making even the greenest of riders feel proud of what they can do on Abe! Abe has many talents!  He is stunning harnessed and hooked up to a buggy – or anything you want him to pull! He is the horse we trust with beginning or experienced vaulters.  He can also “wow” a crowd by sitting, laying down at the request of his rider, and nodding his head.  Abe will lower his head to be bridled and side pass over to pick up his rider, or a whole group of riders, if that’s what you want him to do!  Abe is just as dependable beyond the arena!  The river is fun, gathering cattle is easy, and trail riding is safe and relaxing.  Abe is great to catch, lead, load, tie, groom or shoe!  He is good in the herd and kind to other horses.  All in all, he is just just a gentle giant that is user friendly for any size or level of rider! We absolutely LOVE Abe and we know you will too!  For more information on Honest Abe, give us a call, we LOVE to talk about him!  Contact:  Kelsey Helgoth at 308-390-4874.


Lot #: 45
Barn Name or Nickname: Abe
Gender: gelding
Breed: Belgian/Quarter Horse
Color: Dappled Palomino
Height in Hands: 16
Year Born: 2018
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered


Trainer Name: Kelsey Helgoth
Business Name: Krazy K Versatility Horses
Trainer Email: kelseysk9s@gmail.com
Trainer Phone: (308)-390-4873
Horse Location: NE

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