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2023 Las Vegas Results

Diamonds in the Desert 2023 Sale Results

Let us fill you in on the 2023 Diamonds in the Desert Premier Horse Sale held at Resorts World Las Vegas. It was quite a spectacle, we must say! This Premier Horse Sale brought together some of the finest horses from all over the country, and boy did the standout horses fetch a pretty penny. The bidding was fast and furious, with buyers vying for their favorite breeds and impeccable bloodlines. From stunning Quarter Horses to elegant Gypsy Vanners, this sale had it all. Overall, it was a dazzling event that showcased the elite world of Premier Horse Sales – an absolute treat for any equestrian enthusiast lucky enough to attend!

Thank you for supporting our sale,

MM Auction Services, LLC
Colby & Codi Gines
Congratulations buyers and trainers!

2023 Trainer of the Year

Jared Meyer Performance Horses

Jared has been with Premier Horse Sales since our very first sale! He is the type of trainer that makes everyone around him feel welcome and will more than likely keep you thoroughly entertained! He has consistently improved the caliber of horses that he provides and has displayed a level of integrity that can be trusted year after year.  Premier Horse Sales is proud to present Jared Meyer Performance Horses with the honor of being 2023 Premier Trainer of the Year! We appreciate all the hard-work and attention to detail you put into the horses you offer and the level of class you bring to our sales! Congrats on a well-deserved award!

Reserve High Seller – $150,000
Reserve High Seller – $92,000
Top 5 Average – $85,800
Top 10 Average – $58,300
Overall Sale Average – $34,547



LOT 29 KNIGHT KIZZES sold for $150,000 and was offered by Turner Performance Horses. A 2017 Black AQHA Gelding that came to Vegas to make a big statement! A finished Reiner and Ranch Rider, that had also been to the mountains several times in Montana! Kizzes was proof that you can be kind, gentle, and willing to do any task and still come out on top!


LOT 49 THEBIGBOON sold for $92,000 and was offered by Turner Performance Horses. This 2018 Red Roan AQHA Gelding was a sight to see! Ralphie had been successfully shown in the Cowhorse and Ranch Versatility events, amongst being a staple to ride on the ranch and throughout the trails from Montana to Arizona. Most of all, he wanted to be your #1 buddy!


LOT 9 MAHONEY’S BLACK LABEL sold for $77,000 and was offered by Mahoney Mules & Horses. Here is a stunning 2018 Black IDSHR Gelding that aimed to please! Freddie was a safe, confidence building gentleman, that was ready to hit the trail or do all the ranch chores!


LOT 8 MAMBONO5 sold for $65,000 and was offered by Turner Performance Horses. Born in 2018 this Palomino AQHA Gelding had been in good hands his whole life! Timmy showed seasoned, broke, versatile, and beautiful. Timmy had done it all! Reining, Ranch Riding, and a finished Breakaway horse


LOT 7 DZ APRIL COWBOY sold for $45,000 and was offered by Robertson Quarter Horses. A 2018 Black AQHA Gelding that was ready to be your next all around equine partner! Whether you wanted to trail ride out in the desert in Arizona or gather cows off the mountain tops of Montana, Rodger was the one for the job!


LOT 5 HF BOSS sold for $40,000 and was offered by Jared Meyer Performance Horses. A boldly beautiful 2017 AQHA Buckskin Gelding sired by the great HF MOBSTER! Boss was extra gentle, extra broke, and extra safe! Boss loved all ranch duties, trail riding, and had been started lightly in the roping!


LOT 35 HES A STRAIT TRAVELENA sold for $40,000 and was offered by Cowboy Warrior Ranch. Pretty in Paint, this 2019 APHA Gelding got noticed everywhere he went! This was the horse you needed if you were looking for safe and consistent. Howie would always be a willing performer no matter the task at hand!


LOT 13 CS LEGITT GOLDRUSH sold for $37,000 and was offered by Paige Horses, LLC. A 2019 AQHA Gray Gelding that was big, shapey, and built to last! Gorgeous to boot! Hammer had been used extensively on the ranch. He had also been ridden and enjoyed by riders of all ages and of all different riding levels. The perfect “go-to” type gelding!


LOT 32 SUPER ROOSTER sold for $37,000 and was offered by Peterson Performance Horses. A 2017 AQHA Chestnut Gelding that had all the tools to be a great one! Rooster had done everything on the ranch and at the feedlot you could think of! He was also a solid switch end rope horse that had been hauled and won on at jackpots.


LOT 53 SKEETER HAWK T 6 sold for $36,000 and was offered by SKC Livestock. An attractive 2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding that embodied the humble “taking care of business” attitude we all love. Skeets was a stand out in the arena, top tier ranch horse, and the leisure partner you had always wished for to enjoy the trails or weekend mountain trips on.