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Fort Worth 2022 Results

Premier Horse Sales two-stepped the way to another successful BEST OF TEXAS sale. The River Ranch provided an amazing backdrop to showcase some of the most PREMIER horses in the country. When top trainers collaborate with a top-notch sales company and provide a platform for buyers to buy with complete confidence, that's when the magic happens.

Nominations were submitted from April 15th- June 15th. Over a hundred nominations were scored, and our Top 75 were picked and announced by July 1st. We showcased all breeds and all disciplines to accommodate all buyers.  We added a Premier Ponies section to encourage the growth of our industry by showcasing the hard work of our youngest trainers. Premier Horse Sales has several elements in place from Nominations and Scoring to X-rays and Vet Exams to the Sifting Process and Extensive Preview opportunities we provide, plus direct communication with the trainers so that the serious buyers can do their homework, visit and try the horses ahead of time, make informed decisions and ultimately be completely satisfied with their purchase.  We appreciate those buyers! We had buyers from all over the United States as well as a few international buyers registered to bid.

Congratulations buyers and trainers! We appreciate you!

Thank you for supporting our sale,

MM Auction Services, LLC
Colby & Codi Gines

2022 Best of Texas Premier Trainer

Diamond K

Kevin and Mary Beth are the type of trainer that makes everyone around them better by offering a caliber of horses that surpasses expectations and a level of integrity that can be trusted year after year.  Diamond K boasted top sellers at both Ride the Wave and Diamonds in the Desert ~ Reno in 2022. Diamond K’s mission is to provide extraordinary horses that bring daily happiness to the new owners, just like the horses do for them. They find satisfaction in making sure their buyers are 100% satisfied! Premier Horse Sales is proud to present Diamond K with the honor of being 2022 Best of Texas Premier Trainer! We appreciate all the hard-work and attention to detail you put into the horses you offer and the level of class you bring to our sales! Congrats on a well-deserved award!

(Also, is Kevin ever not SMILING?!? We just love the positivity and optimism this team brings! )

High Seller – $75,000
Reserve High Seller – $66,000
Top 5 Average – $57,800
Top 10 Average – $49,750
Overall Sale Average – $30,426



Lot 25 ~ SKEET SHOOTINMOBSTER offered by Buckeye Acre Farm sold for $75,000. A 5 year old AQHA registered gelding as unique and versatile as you could make one! Mobster has a pedigree loaded with champions and the talents of this little yellow horse were many! The looks of this horse may catch the eye but it’s the personality of this guy that wins the hearts! Paired with skills in multiple disciplines the brains and braun of this horse made him worth every cent!


Lot 74 ~ MY JERSEY GUY offered by Ramsey Performance Horses sold for $66,000. The pretty yellow horses were on top of the world at Best of Texas this year. This 6 year old palomino gelding, lovingly known as Fabio, was nothing short of FABULOUS! A finished reiner and ranch show horse with NRHA earnings and multiple PtHA World and Reserve World Titles. Fabio was the “total package”.


Lot 30 ~ METALLICS LIL LIZZY offered by Cows & Horses Etc. was a sale highlight and brought $52,000. With perfect looks and all the right moves, Lola was a treasure to be had.  Sired by the great Metallic Cat, who needs no introduction, and a daughter of a NCHA money earning mare, Stylin Lil Lizzy, Lola’s pedigree spoke for itself. However, this mare need not ride the shirttails of her sire and dam, as she herself was a class act! A roan lovers’ dream in a perfect lil package!


Lot 22 ~ Our first of the 4th/5th high seller tie was offered by DK Performance Horses, ROUTE SIXTY 6, bringing $48,000.  Chief boasted great breeding, talent, and looks all in one eye catching package. A striking gelding, gentle for any level of rider and a NRHA money earner himself. A perfect match for the rider that wants to stand out in a crowd.


Lot 34 ~At just 4 years old, WIMPYS LITTLEHOTSTAR, exhibited maturity way beyond his years. KD Performance Horses offered a cool gelding name Royce that also brought $48,000. Royce was fancy like a Rolls Royce and oozed talent, looks, confirmation, stellar breeding and a personality that put the cherry on top!


Lot 67 ~ TERMINAL GRAVITY was a dynamic dun offered by Diamond K that sold for $47,000. Pluto was one of five horses offered by Diamond K and as expected, Pluto was out of this world! A finished all-around horse that was willing and ready for any adventure one could imagine. Typical of Diamond K horses, Pluto had a sweet personality and a willing attitude along with talent and first-class breeding.


Lot 49 ~ MESSIN A ROAN was not messin’ around and took the honor of being in the 7th high seller slot in a very competitive sale.  Offered by Wilson Cattle Co., Conco brought $42,500.  A 5 year old, fancy Red Roan gelding, grandson of the great PEPTOBOONSMAL.  Concho’s cool red roan coloring combined with his laid-back, easy-going style is an easy to love hard to find combination. Wilson’s brought their “A” game with this outstanding gelding.


Lot 11 ~ SHOWTIMES NITRO was a beautiful one-of-a-kind gelding offered by Andrew Stubbs Performance Horses LLC and sold for $40,000. A true stand out not just because of his stunning blue roan coloring but also because he was jam packed with talent and athletic ability! A go-to for all aspects of ranch work and a true asset for any rider who can swing a leg over one.


Lot 7 ~ Hailing from the Cowboy State HOT FRENCH EXPRESS offered by Toby Vineyard took 9th top selling honors at $38,000. Chisum was a perfect gentleman with impeccable manners. A finished head horse with a strong background in ranch work and looks for daaaaaays!  Chisum is going to be someone’s number one and by all rights he should be!


Lot 57 ~ THE REYL 007 offered by Paige Horses LLC brought $36,000. Often replicated, never duplicated he was the Real McCoy. Sired by the legendary DUAL REY the worth of this young gelding really needs no further explanation. However, McCoy sports all the chrome you could want and talent in several disciplines as well. The kind that NEVER goes out of style and whose value cannot truly be measured.


Promoting the equine industry, our youth and future trainers by providing a place for them to showcase their hard work and sell their prize ponies. At the same time, making other little kids dreams come true by offering the best ponies available.
Without further ado, we are pleased to honor our BEST OF TEXAS PREMIER PONIES


Lot P2 ~ “Such a pretty pony…clippity, clop, clippity, clop…” From day one PUDGE was a sale FAVORITE! Offered by Kyler Paige and Saylor McPhail this perfect palomino pal brought $41,000. A rare find and truly a once-in-a-lifetime pony that will surely become a built-in best bud and partner in crime!  There was no limit to the disciplines Pudge has been exposed to and the areas he would excel was limitless. A true little cowboy and/or cowgirls’ dream!


Lot P1 – COMANCHE was offered by Carter Griffin and sold for $12,000. This adorable paint pony was all business just like his trainer. A stellar citizen who will 100% take care of a child yet who had the heart and try of a big horse, were just two of the many, many redeeming qualities this pony possessed.  A friend and mount for a lifetime is what Comanche was and will continue to be for years and years! Such a delight to look at and watch perform for his little cowboy. . .on his way to becoming the #1 pony in another little kids’ life! They don’t make ’em like this very often!