Two Steppin' Straight to Texas in....


June 25-27
Reno, Nevada

September 25-26
Fort Worth, Texas

October 2-3 ~ Cancelled
Columbus, Ohio

December 9-10
MOVED to Fort Worth, Texas



“To instill buyer confidence in our horse sales by bringing together consignors with integrity and high quality horses.”

Premier Horse Sales presents a professional buying experience showcasing horses of all disciplines and breeds guaranteeing you’ll find your next equine partner.

Our consignors and horses are nominated and scored from a rubric, months in advance.

Only the “TOP” scoring nominations sell at Premier Horse Sales.

All horses sell with a pre-purchase exam, are guaranteed sound, and guaranteed to be exactly as consignors represent them to be.

Each horse is sifted again prior to sale day.

We strongly encourage buyers to call consignors ahead of sale day, ask lots of questions, and highly recommend them going to visit the horses at their home residence before sale day giving buyers the confidence they need to bid come sale time.

Buyers get to observe them perform through sifting processes, live previews, meet and greets, YouTube videos, as well as the live sale.

We offer every avenue for buyers to find their perfect partner.

Buyers will prevail at the sales so rest assure to buy with confidence!

Presented by:
MM Auction Services, LLC
Colby & Codi Gines

Please contact us anytime: MM Auction Services, LLC

[email protected]

(877) 725-3636

Thanks to our Event Partners!